What does a Wedding Planner Do?

Initially the wedding planner meets with a couple, or possibly the bride and her parents to determine what type of budget the couple has and what type of wedding they’d like. Based on budget, the wedding planner makes recommendations as to churches or other locations, possibly clergy or others legally authorized to perform weddings, locations for receptions, types of wedding cakes, photography services, musicians or music services, and catering services. The next step is to determine theme and décor, which includes deciding on how food will be served, how the reception area will be decorated, and what type of flowers will bedeck any bridesmaids or groomsmen and wedding locations and receptions areas. Wedding planners may also help coordinate showers, rehearsal dinners, and help the bride and groom with clothing choices for themselves and for their attendants. A planner should have a sense of the appropriateness of choices for the style of wedding, and also have a strong understanding of any specific religious obligations that might need to be fulfilled before or during a wedding. Usually, the wedding planner is present on the day of the wedding to help coordinate the services of all involved and keep the wedding running as smoothly as possible

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Charge?

It is customary for a wedding planner to charge 10% - 20% of the weddings budget. However I charge much less than that I do base my fee off of the budget, how many people are attending the wedding as well as how much planning the bride and groom wish for me to participate in. I have researched most of the local venues, florist and etc however I have made no contacts with these companies as I do not wish to get a commission from them to lead my clients in their direction. I prefer to work with the Bride and her family to find the best fit for them based on budget as well as reviews from other brides.

What Services Do you as a Planner offer?

Each wedding will be different. I will offer services based on the bride's needs as well as based on the bride's budget. I offer free telephone consultations where we can discuss your needs and I will give you a free quote for my planning service. When you decide if you would like me to help plan your big day we will sit down at your home and you will discuss with me your budget, color scheme, theme, and ideas for your big day. We will then sign a contract detailed exactly with what you will receive from me as your planner and what I will be paid for being your planner. Fifty percent of the planning fee will be due at contract signing and the remaining fifty percent will be due the day of the wedding.

Who is a good Wedding Planner?

A good wedding planner is one who will listen to you and your needs. One that will not talk over the top of you. One that will focus there complete attention on you and your big day no matter how many clients he/she may have. A good planner is one who will follow your budget and reach all your expectations. A good planner will make themselves available to you any time of the day for any question no matter how small. A good wedding planner is one who is organized, creative, and loves doing there job helping others.